Storm Lake Growers nursery specializes in container-grown plants indigenous to the greater Puget Sound Basin from rushes and sedges, through ground covers, to shrubs and trees.

Storm Lake Growers operates a second generation nursery in the lush Snohomish River Valley near Monroe, Washington. Owner and founder Dan McCain began the business in 1978 with one greenhouse on a half-acre plot. The nursery has grown (no pun intended) to 10 acres and 26 greenhouses and at present we feature more than 150 varieties of plants. 

Storm Lake Growers’ Specialties

We specialize in container-grown plants that are native to the Puget Sound Basin. We provide plants in a variety of container sizes, offer growing contracts, and provide delivery services throughout Western Washington. Shrubs and trees are generally sold in 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 5 gallons sizes. We sell our groundcovers and perennials in 4-inch pots and 1 gallon containers. Rush, sedges and grasses are sold in plugs, 4-inch pots, and 1 gallon sizes.

Trees in larger sizes are available balled-and-burlaped (B&B) from October to March. Lives stakes of willow species and Red Twig Dogwood are cut to order during the dormant season (October-March). Our typical cutting size is 3-feet-long and a quarter- to half-inch” in caliper.

When ordering cuttings and special items or sizes, please allow ample time for us to process your order. For fascines, wattles, and brush layers, please call for price and availability.

We are also able to contract grow specific plants and size them to meet the changing demands of the industry. If you need plants and sizes that do not show on our availability list, just ask us—we can usually fill those requirements. Let us know how we can best meet your needs.

Please contact Dan McCain or Terra Sittner for plant availability, pricing, or delivery scheduling. We provide prompt pricing on plant lists and bid sheets. Fax (360-794-8323) also works great for plant pricing.

At Storm Lake Growers we take great pride in creating and maintaining good relationships with our customers and suppliers. 

Meet the People at the heart of Storm Lake Growers

Dan McCain

Dan managed commercial wholesale nurseries in the Seattle area for many years. In 1978 he used those skills to start Storm Lake Growers in the hills above Monroe. The nursery outgrew that original location near Storm Lake, and in 2006 the nursery was moved to the current location just south of Monroe.

While Dan is never going to retire, he does enjoy fly fishing, camping, gardening, biking, and hiking in his free time.

Terra Sittner

Terra grew up in this family-owned and -operated nursery. After earning a business degree from Seattle University, she became Dan’s full-time partner and has helped the business to grow to its current prominence. Outside of the nursery, Terra enjoys her backyard farm, running, camping, hiking, and spending time with her family. 


Storm Lake Growers’ wholesale clients include landscape contractors, public agencies (city, county, state, and federal), non-profit organizations and native plant societies, youth groups, other nurseries, business and real estate properties, and homeowner groups. We also work with private homeowners as well as other local nurseries. Plants we have nurtured and grown can be found:

  • In wetland mitigation projects across Western Washington
  • Along Washington State freeways and highways
  • Enhancing salmon streams
  • At private residences, business parks, residential developments, public venues, and businesses
  • In parks, zoos, and at Native American casinos and tribal centers

Community Involvement

Storm Lake Growers is part of the larger Puget Sound community and offers on-site outreach to area schools with horticultural programs. Storm Lake Growers also supports the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, the Monroe High School Horticulture class display at the Evergreen State Fair, non-profit organizations such as garden clubs, Boy Scouts and senior centers, local native plant sales, as well as environmental groups and undertakings.

Growing and nurturing are inherent to the philosophy of Storm Lake Growers. “We grow plants, not products,” says Dan. “We are dedicated to quality, and we cultivate our family of employees to share and practice that philosophy every day, with every plant.” We attribute our success to our loyal customers and especially to our hard working family of employees.